Donna Condrey-Miller

Representative of Nevzorov Haute Ecole (NHE) - guiding people in their process of building relationships with and educating horses without coercion.

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Supporting your intuitive notions that using pain and punishment is not necessary to create a disciplined and cooperative relationship between you and your horse, I am at your service to lead you through your introduction and transition to incorporating the foundation principles and theories of Alexander Nevzorov into practical implementation in working with your horse.

ABOUTDonna Condrey-Miller

Whether helping you gain your bearings about what NHE is, directing you within the online International Forum and School or engaging with you face to face at a seminar, I am here to welcome you and facilitate your entrance into a new culture of human and horse relationships. Navigating a departure from the traditional horse world and dominant societal and moral attitudes toward animals can be challenging, but the NHE School has years of experience and research to support the visionary way of being where we respect horses and other animals for who they are, not for how we can use them for our benefit alone.


As a mature adult getting her first horse Donna Condrey-Miller had ideas of equestrian adventure and conquering the heroic challenges of controlling a large animal who would willingly obey her every command. Several years on and a few horses now in her barn, she began to see that the horses had their own ideas about their purpose in life. Feeling let down by the many conventional training methods offered and tried, she decided to investigate the concept of liberty when working with horses.

During a months-long foray into various methods that gave more consideration to the horse, Donna's search led her to Nevzorov Haute Ecole. Here her thoughts and feelings were reconciled and a true relationship with her horses began.
The deeper her studies went, the more exquisite the NHE school of thought
proved to be. She was home.

A love of writing and previous experience leading and managing people within organizations allowed her to articulate her insights and understanding to support fellow students and newcomers to NHE within the forum setting and then to the public as an official NHE representative. As a professional bare hoof care provider she has hands on experience in this important aspect of equine health, a major component of the NHE management philosophy.

Along with her responsibilities as an NHE Representative, Donna is the primary English language editor at NHE Publishing.

Donna lives at her sanctuary in the Northern Sacramento Valley of California with her husband, two horses and a quite a few cats, along with a plethora of wild animals and edible weeds.


3-Day Seminar:

A weekend-long immersion in NHE culture brings together complete newcomers and experienced NHE members to an educational and social gathering that outlines specific elements of self-development and the fundamental attitudes that comprise the methodology of Nevzorov Haute Ecole.

This presentation starts with the acceptance that we don't force our horses to do anything and goes on to explain what we can and should do to build a cooperative relationship which encourages the horse to freely think and express himself while developing a sense of self-discipline. Horses living at the location are invited to participate with us for demonstrations and practical instruction to take back to your own horses.

The newcomer experience is enhanced by the contributions of attending NHE members who share their history of development in ongoing practice of NHE giving expanded practical context to theoretical discussions. The sense of community and social connection is deepened during family style meals and extracurricular conversations.

Featured topics:

What does it really look like when a horse says no?

Composure and ways we can align ourselves for clear communication with our horses.

Discipline and freedom - the art of self-control for humans and horses.

The etiquette of equality - the right to say yes and no for everyone.

The cordeo and the halter, what's the difference? What the cordeo is for and why we still need both.

Communication tools and objects for play Haute Ecole elements, motor and social games (play) and thinking exercises (games): what's the purpose and how is it all related?

Equine Anatomy - an easy interactive game that gets us thinking about physiology and bio-mechanics.

The science of the harm of riding.


NHE sensibilities brought to management, veterinary care, hoof care -and beyond horses.

Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday. Limited to 10 participants. All meals included. Ideally, everyone lodges on site by camping or available bunking space. Hotel accommodations nearby are also available. Take- home written materials and Web links provided for continued study, ongoing reference and reflection. Please look at the Calendar for upcoming seminar dates and locations.

1-Day Seminar

Available in locations within a 3.5 hour drive or less from my home base. This includes California from the greater San Francisco Bay Area north into Ashland, Oregon. Points east and west also included. Minimum 8 participants. Please contact me to organize a 1-day seminar for your group.

The elements of self-development and the fundamental attitudes that comprise the methodology of Nevzorov Haute Ecole are introduced in a morning and afternoon lecture/discussion. With a horse living at the site we ask, "What does it look like when the horse says no?" and learn how we should respond.

Hoof Care

-Providing bare foot trimming service, equine management guidance. Please contact me about my availability and appointment schedule. Regional restrictions apply.

-Education on how to trim your own horse(s):

1) Learn as We Go: I teach you as I trim your horse on a regular monthly schedule. By demonstration and discussion I explain the basics of the hoof along with the peculiarities of your horse. You get hands on homework to do between trims that increases incrementally until you are fully trimming. I critique and consult up to when we are confident that you can handle it on your own. Student must be self-motivated to take over the procedure.

2) Private one-day workshops (within travel limits): Ideal for the horse keeper that has some knowledge of hooves and trimming and some familiarity with and use of the tools, but hasn't quite put it all together yet. I spend up to six hours with you and your horse(s). I teach while I trim setting you up to take over going forward. I help you improve tool use, coordination in handling and body positioning of horse and human. We fine tune a trimming strategy for each animal based on foundational guidelines of anatomy and physiology and management. Photographic and written materials are used to enhance the discussions.

Workshops may be repeated quarterly in a style of continuing education that follow - up on the previous workshop with the student doing necessary maintenance trimming during the interim period. Phone, email or other online support is included for the duration of the quarter after a workshop is completed.



Donna Condrey-Miller

Donna Condrey-Miller

Donna Condrey-Miller

Donna Condrey-Miller

Donna Condrey-Miller

Donna Condrey-Miller

Donna Condrey-Miller

"It was fascinating to discover that, after 50 years of considering myself knowledgeable about horses, I still had so much to learn. My relationship with my mares has improved greatly since we met Donna."
Nanci Souza
Hoof Care Client
"Horses have been with me most of my life. For some unknown/known reason, I always felt I needed trainers involved with horses and me. Looking back, all the trainers were "obstacles" for the horses and me, until an NHE seminar in 2013, where Donna & I met. Instead of an "obstacle", I met an "opportunity", for the horses and me! It was an opportunity for true mentorship, real horse knowledge (from behavior to hooves) and my hosting an NHE seminar in March 2015. Needless to say, obstacles are a distant memory!"
Liz Rocha
NHE Seminars 2013, 2015
"I'm really enjoying being able to do my own trimming any time the need arises. Even in this drought, Lilo has not had any chipping this season because as soon as I spot a flare, I just take a couple swipes with the rasp and we're done. I think it's great that Donna is teaching people to trim their own horses, and I hope they enjoy trimming as much as I do."
Violet Qu
Learn as We Go Hoof Care Program
"Donna is very knowledgeable, very approachable and took the time to answer questions, both personally and in the group setting. I left the seminar with a much better understanding of NHE philosophy and how to better apply this knowledge towards my relationship with horses. It also made my heart smile to build relationships and share stories with a group of amazing like-minded people."
Natalie Morrissey
NHE Seminar 2013
"It's all about the aha, not about the yee-ha"
Liz Rocha
California Seminar 2013


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SEPTEMBER 22-24, 2017, Sebastopol, California -
3-Day Seminar

In a casual and communal atmosphere we will discuss the philosophy behind Nevzorov Haute Ecole including the foundation of human self development, which is the key to unlocking the depth of communication that is possible between human and horse. Starting with the acceptance of not forcing our horses to do anything we will explore what we can do and how to do it in a way that encourages the horse to think and express himself freely. Horses living at the location will be invited to participate with us for demonstrations and practical instruction to take back to your own horses. Limited to 5 participants...

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